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Enterprise Value Management
Increased need for investment in Infrastructure resulted in a stretched budget for a five year planning period. How to fit more work into an investment portfolio already less than sufficient without sacrificing crucial projects and violating dependencies was a major task which ValueMiner was challenged to support with its tooling and methodology. Main results were an increase in efficiency delivered by 30% thus ensuring necessary projects being deployed by erasing over 500 inconsistencies and overlaps. 90% of assigned contributions were met in time and value.
The potential market size of public transportation in Europe for new systems, replacements, extensions, rolling stock and advanced technologies is expected to swell, given the large number of proposed projects. In 2004, European railways and urban mass-transit operators generated an annual turnover of around EUR90 billion employing a workforce of about 1 million people, while the European rail supply industry generated an annual turnover of around EUR35 billion and employed more than 130,000 people. As indicators of market size, one can consider the research conducted by the ERRAC, which suggests that of the total business in the rail supply industry, over 50 per cent accrues from urban and regional railway systems. (Source: http://www.globalmasstransit.net/archive.php?id=1593 )