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Being small and run over by clients is a luxury problem that can lead to failure through lost focus and diminishing client retainment. ValueMiner was trusted with establishing a firm focus over all business challenges aligning objectives and solutions so growth did not destroy a technology gem in the making. Working closely with CEO and employees was key to integrate strategic priorities with everyday business issues without sacrificing any one´s side for the other. Thus increasing productivity by 30%.
The European infrastructure services market is witnessing disruptions, driven by cost pressure, innovative delivery models, and cloud services. Despite muted growth in the overall market, some service providers are growing at the expense of others.With existing growth challenges in the infrastructure services marketplace, service providers must rethink their investment strategy. With evolving buyer behavior and changing technology preferences, service providers will need to strengthen their capabilities to increase adoption footprint and garner a greater wallet share amidst the highly competitive infrastructure services market place. (Source: )