Strategy Portfolio Management

ValueMiner GmbH, Robert J. Schiermeier

An old saying goes like this: "when everything is said and done, more is said than done."

The saying keeps reminding me about the state of strategic portfolio management. All articles on the subject seam to be repating the importance of LINKING, DEFINING and ALIGNING initiative with profitable business cases and strategic goals. I think we all by now got the message.

So now we should be DOING rather than talking right?

Having been coaching many types of companies on the matter - I wanted to share a few hints on how to JUST START:

1. Divide your whiteboard into 4 sections (below each other).

2. Write the name of each of your project on a separate yellow sticker and place them all at in the section at the bottom. Call this section - deliverables.

3. In the section above, write stickers that describe the business solutions that the project is providing support to accomplishing. Call this section - solution.

4.  In the section above, write stickers that describes the issues the business has. Call this section - challenges.

5. In upper section, write the strategic business benefits that the business wants to achieve. Call the section - objective.

6. Then see if you are able to make a clear argumentation by drawing lines between yellow stickers representing objectives, challenges, solutions and deliverables (both starting at the top going down and from the bottom going up.

Be diligent about it and avoid making vague connections.

By now - a few hours later - I think you have arrived at a picture that gives you a fair first impression of what is not clear and where to dig deeper.

If you liked what you experienced - contact us and we will in hours guide you to an insight and overview that you would not have expected.


by Øystein Ullnæss